Pretty In Salmon

Salmon-Geranium IMG_1326

When I landscaped during college, we did lots of planting of annuals and perennials.  This was especially true as many of the houses we landscaped were integrated into the Murfield Golf Course.  One of those annuals was the geraniums.  The red geraniums were quite beautiful, but they were a little too common.  My favorite was the salmon covered geraniums.  Their pink color seemed to be the correct shade of spring for me.

So, when I see a yard dominated by salmonish (pink) colors with only minor transgressions into red, I can’t help but take a picture.  (My camera is rarely about, but I have this phone…. I use it as a frequent Plan B.)  I think the hardest thing about spring in Texas is how quickly it arrives.  It leaves without warning.

I have always loved flowers and the color they provided.  I don’t think this is true with most men.  They may claim to like flowers after their wife has them plant a few flats of impatiens, marigolds, or geraniums.  While they give lip service to it, I don’t think the true appreciation comes until we get older.  As we get older and nearer our graves, we can more easily appreciate the beauty in the small things.  One bloom may barely register.  When one bloom gets together with a few other blooms, it is stunning.  When multiple plants all bloom at the same time in the same location, it is worth pausing and attempting to capture the image with whatever meager tools we have available.  This image is only a bookmark to a place in my brain where the more much vibrant colors will stay for quite some time.

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