Sunday Walk

Today was a good day for a walk.  It was a little windy.  It was either too humid or too hot–I am not sure which.  My socks wouldn’t stay up, so I just let them fall to my ankles.  I still did enjoy my walk…

As my walk winds past a gas well, a couple pastures with some horses, cattle and donkey, and a couple of neighborhoods, I typically keep a pretty constant speed.  (I did find a turtle on the path today.  Not sure if it was lost from the pond or a pet turtle who was rejected.  I felt inclined to remove him from the  sidewalk to protect him from psychopathic cyclist.) The only exception is when I need to cross a more heavily trafficked road.  Usually I come up on the road and have to wait for a couple of cars before I “froggered” my way across.  Today, before I came up on the road, I watched an older gentlemen making some effort to jog.  As I admired his “cool” sweatband, I noticed I would have to wait for three cars to clear the westbound lane before I could cross.  As I decelerated into “crawl” speed, the lead driver came to a stop at the crosswalk.  While this is not unheard of, such generosity is not something that often comes my way.  As he smiled, I waved my hand and upshifted to “jog” for 20 yards.  I got another wave in before I resumed my normal pace.  It feels good to have someone imply you are valuable and worth stopping for!

As I reached the long stretch wear I walk along the train tracks, I noticed a gentlemen hauling out many wooden post from his backyard.  He had just built a new fence of at least 8 feet tall.  Since his backyard opened up to the bike/pedestrian path, I am guessing he was going to drive his pickup onto the path to avoid the more complicated movement of his old fence into his front yard. The neighbors on both sides of him had fence with entirely weather-beaten panels.  After a brief discussion, he did confirm he was going to get his fence stained.  I let him know where I got my fence stain, and I gave him a last bit of encouragement.  It makes me feel good when I can help someone.  Even if I didn’t help him, I appreciated him graciously accepting  my attempt at help.


Lastly, I had a “road kill” experience I hadn’t had before.  A pair of vultures (Based on a Google search, I am pretty confident these were black vultures.)  As I prepared to pass the very deceased squirrel who had recently been evacuated to the special heaven reserved for nut lovers (maybe some politicians also greeted him), one of the pair of vultures seemed to fear the oncoming traffic.  This vulture seemed to prefer the yard to my left.  The vulture on my right was quite content to allow cars to back up as he dined.  With the squirrel being in the middle of the northbound lane and the vulture being unwilling to move, the northbound drivers had few choices when there was a southbound car.  As I walked past the vulture, he was making a noise that sounded something like a bark.  It was definitely a very guttural noise. (If vultures have gizzards, that it would be gizzardal.)  It was either him trying to trash talk his/her partner, maybe it was him working on his ventriloquist act for his dog puppet or he/she was trying to use the noise as a way to scare me and the drivers.  Whatever I heard, it was the first time I had heard a bird make that noise.  Since he was such an ugly bird, I likely would have been equally disturbed to hear him sing a pleasant, cheery song as the squirrel was being dismembered.

Yes, I definitely think it was a good walk!!

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