Amaryllis In The Hood



While in Ohio, the amaryllis was a great way to help forget winter.  When the temperatures were cold out (usually after the first of the year), I would plant a new amaryllis or pull my old amaryllis out of the basement.  Before we left, I had 5+ bulbs I planted every year.  They truly did bring a smile to my face.

Now, in Texas, the amaryllis can stay outside all year.  My only responsibility is making sure they have a place to live and get watered occasionally.  The only downside is the red amaryllis seem to be the best bulbs for blooming.  While I still love the hug, monstrous, red blooms, the peppermint amaryllis is still my favorite.  (Note:  I do consistently like pink in my flowers.)  Maybe if I plan well, I can save some room in the hood for a pinkish amaryllis next year.

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