Fox On The Run

A couple of days ago, I experienced what wildlife in suburbia looks like in Texas.  This is not the stuff I find taking one of my frequent walks.  This is the stuff found while driving the roads that constitute our “stomping grounds”.  While armadillos and opossums are more often seen as roadkill then lumbering about their business,  it is never uncommon to smell the scent of a skunk as we drive to school.  On this day, a fox and turkey both literally crossed our paths.

The fox siting was far from exciting.  With headlights on and no more than a couple of miles from our house, a fox dashed across the road.  (It was too skinny to be a wolf, and I have recently become an expert in recognizing bobcats.)  I was going south, and he crossed from west to east.  He was wearing a bonnet.  I attributed this to him being someones pet rather than him infringing on the wolf and his Goldilocks aspirations.

After a brief period of frustration battling the two mile stretch of the freeway, I start the final stretch of my weekday journey.  To the east of the school, there is a large amount of industry.  (I have seen a powder coater, a pool cleaning company, and a few distribution companies.)  Within a 1/2 miles of the school, this large object launches itself off one of the buildings on the south side of the road.  (The launching might be a slight exaggeration.) As he lands to the adoration of his entourage, he bows and waves.  He gives oncoming drivers his easy smile as he crosses the road in front of us.  As I begin the return leg of my journey, the tom turkey is on the north side of the road.  He has his rear feathers spread while he continues to strut about. Having seen him and his concubines in this location before, I know he has probably been adopted by one of the businesses in the industrial park.

Sometimes, God lets you see a bit of nature just because you need to realize the world will go on when your worries are gone.  Whether it is a “fox on the run” or a turkey on the move, I enjoy the moments when my concerns are put into perspective.

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