New Tea For Me

The dentist visit on Thursday was not as rosy as the visits of my youth.   Since my mouth and the associated gums are now past the half century mark, new issues are emerging. My gums are not as fit as they once were.  My enamel may still be the hardest substance in my body, but there is less of it now then when I began my adult journey.  As the dentist fixed the necessary issues to hopefully stretch me out until 6 months hence, he gave me the lecture on sweetened drinks.  So, while I thought I had done myself a favor by doing an 80/20 sweetened black mango tea mix, it now appears I need to go full 100% non-sweet…..

The local Quik Trips (QT) come in two styles.  The low end style had the 6 tea options – regular, black mango, and pineapple/papaya with sweet and non-sweet version of each.  The higher end locations have these flavors plus raspberry, passion fruit and maybe one other–all with sweet and non-sweet options.  As a long time fan of the black mango tea with a new found need to try and  eliminate any sweetener, I first attempted to get a cup of black mango tea on a recent high-end QT visit.  With my taste buds and brain anticipating the flavor from previous tea purchases, I was virtually assured of being disappointed.  And, of course, I was.  The goal now was to find the best tasting non-sweetened tea.

I am not gifted enough to make this taste testing exciting enough to fill multiple paragraphs.  I did end up trying the passion fruit non-sweetened.  After a quick sip, I was intrigued enough to buy a full cup.  As the drink followed me to my daughter’s softball game, my wife also had a chance to be pleased when she sampled the new flavor.  Until it is not the winner, non-sweetened passion fruit tea will be my high-end QT drink of choice.

While I use this post to note my change in tea, it really is how I choose to manage my aging body.  If an expert has an interest in keeping me the best me I can be and if he/she gives me advice, I would be foolish to not heed there recommendations.  If an expert told me to give up a food I really liked, I would be dancing with the devil (or allowing him to pick out some music) if I did not modify my behavior based on their guidance.  All during our lives, we have the ability to alter behavior based on the instructions of those who have wisdom in a specific area.  Whether the advice is free or paid for, life is a series of choices.  Educated choices will get you ahead more often than emotional ones.  When my body practically turns to dust while I look at it in the mirror, I will error on the side of less dust….

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