Web Footed World


Web-footed frog

Lots of tadpoles were seen last spring when the pond overflowed the sidewalk. He appears to be a little old to have been born last year. He appears to still be in full possession of his “frog legs”.

Web-Footed Fake Geese

These are not real Canadian geese. Our eccentric neighbor (I don’t know them, but if I did this, I would understand if people called me eccentric) has these 5 fake geese out in their front yard. I have not been able to confirm it, but my daughters claim they move them around every couple of days. There is also the possibility they are like the angels on Dr Who–they only move when people are not looking at them.

Web-footed Toad

The toad sat innocently on the path. Some of the very small pre-tadpoles were swimming in the area. Since he was along the edge, I hope the bicycles will not find him. The only rationale for choosing this place is a preference for sidewalk over pond muck—OR, he and Mrs. Toad are spatting.

Web-Footed Ducklings

Quite the little flock of ducklings. Momma was just out of view. (The two colors of water are caused by “our” dirty water colliding with the water from another part of the subdivision.) In some parts of the world, alligators might find baby ducks a good appetizer. There are no such creatures in the area to single-handedly wipe out the whole flock (One other walker counted them and thought there were 10 of them) ….well, if there were, it would take multiple mouthfuls.

Web Footed Turtle

The turtle seems to be very suspicious of any photographers. I took this shot with the hopes of getting one from a little closer. He “freaked” when he heard the Iphone take its picture, so this was as good as it got. While not sure if he is a snapping turtle, his inclination to jump when hearing the snap of the camera seems to be pretty conclusive proof.

Web-footed Duck

The slower of the pair was stuck being the photogenic one. The ditch that services the neighborhood during times of rain abundance is happy to play host to the ducks, cranes and whatever other fowl needs a Birdie B & B to relax at.

Web Footed Baby Turtle

I will admit to not knowing my turtles very well. My first guess is this is a baby snapping turtle (he did not seem nearly as jumping when I took the picture.). His present size was nearly identical to the turtles people used to have as pets. Do people still have turtles as pets? I thought they had some type of virus or something. Regardless, he posed before the recent rain evidenced in the toads picture.

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