New Home For Herbs

IMG_1361 IMG_1362

My daughter has wanted an herb garden for quite some time.  She has suggested I rip up some plants from an area she believed was ideal.  Once some transplanted plants from last falls projects were deemed “dead”, I let her know I had a place for her herbs.

When she finally had some time available after church last Sunday afternoon, we ran the necessary errands to get the “stuff”.  We needed to go the Sprout’s for groceries, but we found a nice selection of herbs as well.  (Our 15% discount due to our “adopted sons” employment was helpful.)  We gathered our spiced up soil and a couple more herbs at Home Depot.  I considered getting landscaping stones to build an elevated bed before deciding to check out a few bricks from our “building materials that didn’t get used when the house was built” bank.

As can be seen in the first picture shown with my daughter, the chosen area does have a grade.  We ended up putting bricks over the bottom half of the rectangle.  My daughter was impressed with how I used a level to confirm the bricks were mostly level across the course (Architecture definition – a continuous horizontal layer of brick, stone, or other material in a building).  A sheet of weed mat was spread across the bed area before the full course of bricks was installed.  Due to the grade change, we needed to run a 1/2 course of bricks on the top half of the bed to make sure there was enough soil available for planting there.  My daughter truly took ownership of the project.  She realized creating a planting bed is more than digging a few holes.

It seemed to have been a good weekend to do the planting.  The days following were quite cool and rainy.  The remaining issue is whether the sprinkler system will give the plants adequate drinks when the rain leaves.  I truly hope the sage, parsley, basil, dill, rosemary, thyme, mint and dill (maybe a peppermint will join them) serve my daughter and the other women (and men) of the household well.

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