Little Bit Late

As we started the day, we knew it would be a busy one.  My daughters had a softball game at 10.  And, following this, we were heading up to Oklahoma City for one night to see my youngest son run in a marathon.  (His first and last….?)  While I like to stay a little busy, I like to do it mainly in one place with all of my “things” nearby.  My wife says, “It will be good for you to stretch yourself.”  My retort of, “I am getting to old to become too limber.”, goes unsaid.

The day did start pleasantly.  No alarm (but I don’t generally sleep in), and no dress code, so t-shirts were welcome.  While we were supposed to give ourselves 40 minutes to get to their game, by the time we were loaded up, had removed my work over-worked wife from the guest list, and snacks were all packed, we were off only a few minutes late.  The sky was gorgeous.  The morning air was pleasant.  And, the “low tire pressure” light came on.

In some cars and households, this would be written off as an anomaly.  Were I you, I would probably have done the same thing.  While I may be getting old, I don’t quickly forget the previous times this light has visited an otherwise “nice” day.  There was the post cruise drive home from Houston.  Where shortly after leaving the boat, the tire decided it wanted to take its vacation right then.  There was the drive up to Ohio where after fighting a crazy night of rain, we were grateful for a cloudy but “sprinkley” morning.  The light came on with me behind the wheel.  My wife said, “It is probably okay.” but the pothole said, “Not so quick.”  Despite the delays caused by these issues, AAA was there both times.

As I am running late and seeking wisdom on the issue, I opt to check the tires and avoid the possible scolding for being late.  I pull into the QT (I avoid getting a drink now–I will hope to get one after dropping my daughters off.) and am grateful the hose seems to have all the right parts to fill my tires.  I pull each of the hubcaps off prior to using the gauge previously tucked away in my glove compartment.  (When tires are not your friend, the gauge is.) I would love NOT to tear the hubcaps off, but the gauge and air hose will not seal correctly if I don’t.  All tires checked out but one…it was at 29 PSI…not the recommended mid 30’s.  A couple quick burst of air and a confirmation from the gauge told me I was good.

Am I overly paranoid for even stopping and checking it out?  Maybe.  Are we the victims of our own past and forever held fully or partially captive by our past experiences? In my case, definitely.  Am I glad I didn’t ramble on to my daughters endlessly about the dash light and all that was going on in my head prior to stopping?  Yes.  Let them play their game and let me be the adult trying to look out for them as long as I can

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