Should We Bark At Him?

After watching my son run the Oklahoma City Marathon, the departure from Oklahoma City and 3+ hour drive had to occur.  While grateful to my wife for shouldering the driving, there is very little about being a passenger during a car ride that makes you feel athletic.  Sometimes I will read while riding, but my desire and comprehension was off today.  So, the only thing that would really cure what was ailing me was a walk down my familiar path once we got home.

Everything was fine until I got to the bridge.  Some young “ruffians” (not really, but they certainly did not seem to want to give up much of the bridge to an old man who goes out dressed THAT way) barely navigated their bikes past me before I got to the other side.  And, on the other side were the collie-like twin dogs that have been voted mostly likely to “bark the fear out of you”–especially if you are walking a dog of your own.  Their barking then starts a chain reaction for the next few yards.

Today, I passed their house with no leash or reason to carry one.  While the dogs seemed to be relaxing, I was almost positive I heard one of the dogs say out of the corner of my ear, “Should we bark at him?”  As an active believer in encouraging my imagination to stretch itself whenever possible, I explored the possibilities of whether one of them actually said this before assuming I heard things incorrectly.  Once I “killed” the imagination and accepted the most logical reality, I tried to see if the ruffians were nearby playing, “Let’s see if my ventriloquist routine can get the old man.”  If it was not the ruffians, the other reality is one I am choosing to only embrace in a positive way–there is a positive way, right?



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