Fecal Matter


Did he really post this picture here?  Why did he do that?  Why did he have to choose that title?  Is he trying to gross us out?  Why can’t all of his blog postings be wholesome family oriented pictures?

Now that we are dog owners (technically my son is the owner), I take seriously the various roles I have when walking the dog….

  1. I can’t let him attack anybody
  2. It is better I lose circulation in my arm then lose control of the dog
  3. I try not to let him drink too much from the puddles and other assorted points where water collects along the path
  4. As much as it depends on me, I try to only let him go to the bathroom in places where it is not too inappropriate.  If he does a #2, whether inappropriate or not, I am responsible for cleaning it up.
  5. Once I clean it up, it is my responsibility to get the bag and its contents to a trash can. Putting the bag weighed down with doggy doo on display because you are too dainty to carry it is not a compromise—it is an abdication of your responsibilities as a pet owner.

If you are not going to pick it up and dispose of it, then you need to get your dog fitted with a cork.  Cleaning it up and leaving it this way is just a slight bit better than letting your dog go in a neighbors yard without picking it up at all.  If you are too dainty to haul your dog’s deposits until a trash can presents itself, you should either choose a new path OR have your wife who is less squeamish in these matters walk with you.  Would you change your babies diaper and expect someone else to clean up after you?  Maybe you should get a little pouch for your dog to wear- his/her bag or two of debris can be stored there until you find a trash can.  If you can’t talk on your cell phone, walk you dog and carry the poop simultaneously, then maybe you ought to consider walking a virtual dog who only creates virtual poop.

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