First Flight Done

It has been a year since I have flown.  Usually, I think of the pain of just flying….ear popping and confined spaces.  Today, I had two people in close proximity to distract me from these things.

Before I sat down, I sad to the lady setting on the aisle of my seat row,  “It looks like our paths are going to cross.”  She was less than enthusiastic. The only additional question I asked her was, “Is New York your final destination?”  She said “yes” and not another word was exchanged. She seemed to have some problem with her hair/head.  My theory is she is an airhead. As she sat next to me numerous times she took a few strands of her hair and periodically wound it up to make sure the pressure is maintained. As I sat beside her, I am pretty sure she attempted to scan the same book twice. My guess is the air got low when she was reading a few of the chapters.  She had to go  back and reread those chapters to adjust for when her “head air” was to low or to high.

The little man behind me was given free reign for most of the flight. He was making sounds, banging on my chair and doing a variety of things that make it hard to concentrate during the early part of the flight. I leaned forward and leaned on the pullout table to read. Not my first choice, but it allowed me to concentrate. As the flight neared its end and my eyes grew heavy, I needed to lean back. I was barely back before the 5 year old behind continued treating my seat as one of his toys. I pushed the seat button and leaned back–quickly letting him know he was not playing in a vacuum. I also said to him, “Please don’t push on my seat.”  He made eye contact and gave a sheepish expression. I had to lean the seat back one more time to keep him honest. His mother became one of my advocates and the rest of the flight was fine.

The first flight was the easy one.  It is the one where I exist in time zones easily shifted between.  The multi-hour change awaits me after the landing.  Being in the middle seat in the middle section does mean I will have to bother people to get out, but it does mean (I think the seats are 3-3-3) I won’t have to be bothered if they want to get out.  Maybe the elusive “plane” sleep will find me before we land…

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