Jet Lag Fog

After coming back from the trip with my son, not all parts of my brain have been working correctly.  There is the expected restless nights and the craving of an afternoon nap.  There is the attempt to ingest an appropriate amount of caffeine to help navigate those times when napping seems unnecessary.  And, finally there is the complete inability to watch a show on the DVR at 9:30 PM without falling sleep–it used to be one of my favorite shows!!

Late yesterday afternoon, I needed to call a supplier.  They never replied to an email I sent confirming pricing and availability of a product.  Since they are a time zone to the west, they still had the lights on and they were able to answer my questions.  To avoid confusion with any email issues, they advised me to change the email address I used to contact them with any future orders.  This made sense and was noted somewhere in the ephemeral fog of my post-trip brain.  I then went on to send the quote to my customer.

This morning after receiving a confirmation from my customer, I prepared a Purchase Order for my supplier.  Some deep part of my brain said, “You need to change the email address you are sending the PO to.”  At the time, it seemed completely logical.  I did not question in the least this inner urging.  I did a copy and paste into the email field and hit “Send”.

As the fog cleared, the realization hit me.  And, the email was beyond the use of any “Recall” buttons.  While my fog recalled part of my instructions, the fog conveniently forgot to gather the right email before “sending” to the supplier.  As it turned out, I grabbed my customer’s email address and then sent the Purchase Order to them…not my supplier.  If you are not realizing what I did, I let my customer know exactly what I was paying for the products they had purchased from me.  These were not thousand dollar items, but this type of fog-induced error certainly has me ready to do a dance should they contact me and wonder why I am making such a “scandalous profit” off of them. (My discount off of my supplier’s website is 30% and I gave the customer a 10% discount, so they are still coming out ahead—it is just the guy in the mirror who will beat me up for a couple of hours.)

What did I do?  I did what any reasonable person would do.  I pretended I didn’t send the email to my customer.  I correctly changed the email address and sent it to my supplier.  My supplier confirmed the receipt and my customer remained silent.  Since this is a repeat customer, the worst thing to likely happen is they will say, “We want to pay this price and NOT that one.”  If they do this, I will have a concrete reminder not to commit this “middle man” sin again….

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