Apparent Contradiction

As my wife and daughters left to go to my older daughter’s early 16th birthday “tea” party, I had just sat down and started to get relaxed.  Then, my phone received a couple of  text and a short dialogue ensued.

WIFE:  I have my car keys. You’re stuck unless you find the spare
WIFE: Sorry
ME: Nothing important to do. I hope [INSERT DAUGHTERS NAME] enjoys it!!
WIFE: I actually need u to bring me something.

If the texting was not clear enough, my wife took my car with my keys while keeping the keys to her car as well.  It seems I was being told “You can’t go anywhere, butif you will ride a bike, please bring me this.”  Fortunately, it was not that dire, but it did take a little work.

Since her car was not locked, I was able to retrieve the necessary item from her trunk.  Just as I found the item, my son made it home from walking his dog.  His car was parked out front and if he was willing, he just might be able to help fulfill my wife’s request.   The tea party was about 4 miles away.  My bike legs were a little rusty, so fulfilling her request was dependent on a vehicle with available keys.  Once I got him to commit to the assignment, the first set of directions came like this:

WIFE:  Down [Insert street name] just north of the Whataburger.  It is on the right.

Fortunately, my wife quickly realized those type of directions might delay the delivery of the requested party item.  Shortly afterwards, she provided the exact address.

My son returned from the delivery glad he could help his sister with her tea party.  I was glad momma and everyone else got to learn the nuances of tea etiquette.  (The requested item was multiple copies of this multi-choice “test”.)  My wife does a great job planning parties, and my daughter deserves a good one!  Love you dear!!

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