Professional Gravedigging

Were it not for me visiting Hungary last year, I might not of paid any attention to this article.  On the surface (and I guess until they get down 6 feet–shouldn’t they be on the metric system?  Should it be 2 meters?  Does 6 feet just sound like a more impressive depth?  Is this just one of those “carry-over” things the metric system could not shake?), it just appears to be a competition.  But, after reading the article, it appears the purpose truly runs deeper.

Were I to think about death as a part of my occupation every day OR every day I had a shovel in my hands, I could see myself slipping into a bit of depression.  While they don’t literally look into the eyes of death, they are regularly creating a place for a person’s shell to be deposited once life has left it.  I don’t consider myself weak stomached, but this is a job I could not take pride in.  I suppose the only way to truly “enjoy” the work is to look at your work as honoring the person who has recently passed.  I have told my children, “It doesn’t matter what job you have in this world.  Whatever it is, do your best.”  And, if they are able to do this, I honor them.  And, if they are Christians and part of the ritual while digging or refilling is praying for the family of the departed, may their tribe increase.

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