Three White Vehicles

As I was driving my daughters on one of those plentiful summer activities this morning, I noticed 3 white cars in one of our neighbors driveways.  (To be more accurate there was a truck, mini-van, and a Camary-ish car)  Always one to invite my brain to wander, I tried to think thru the benefits of having 3 white (or any of the same color) vehicles in the family.  This is the list I got:

  • Vow:  Although contrived, there may have been a vow of some type taken in the past.  Maybe the vow went something like this, “Because I was so horrible to our goldfish, I will only buy white vehicles the rest of my driving career.”  Of course, the vow is likely to have been far more convicting than this one.  I erred on the side of humor rather than hitting any nerves.
  • Color Blind:  Why have lots of colored cars if you can’t distinguish them anyway?  Just go with one that your defective eyes can reliable detect every day of the year and twice on Sundays!!
  • Family joke:  This one might have potential.  I had friends once who had two identical cars.  One was named “Spot” and one “Stripe”.  I could never tell them apart, but the game worked for them.  (They also have 4 boys.  Back in the day when boys/mens white socks had stripes on them, the mom used this to her advantage.  Each boy had socks with a different stripe.  If the wrong color stripes showed up in the wrong drawer, it was a sorting error or out right theft.)  A son might ask the question, “Which car can I take tonight?”  The dad will just say, “Take the white one.”  (In Texas, this is probably foolish.  Most kids seem to think they deserve their own cars.)  It might just be one of those corny jokes that prevents other color cars from being considered.
  • Perceived Goodness:  Some may want a white car just because it looks more innocent than a red car.  The Lone Ranger rode a white horse.  So, maybe dad’s Mustang convertible is just part of his lifelong quest to fine a good friend named “Tonto” out there on the range.
  • ….most realistic: White cars don’t show dirt as quickly as a dark car.  And, for those who don’t like to visit the care watch too frequently, a white car is an excellent addition to your families portfolio of vehicles.

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