You God-Fearing?

I heard the light tap on the door.  Since I was expecting a UPS delivery today, I was probably more obliging than normal.  I still peeked out the side window before opening it. The knocker was a safe 6-8 feet away from the door.  He did the normal “buttering” up before letting me know he and his “crew” would like to help me trim my trees up.  Not being much for butter, I asked him to “cut to the mustard.” We walked around the trees as he told me how he might beautify my yard should he and his basketball team (yes, there was 5 of them) get the opportunity to trim my trees.

As we walked into the backyard and the elm whose middle name is “shade”, I stressed to him the need to make sure he watched out for the existing plants.  He assured me he would .  Still reluctant to give me a price, he would choose a branch and say, “Yeah, we need to get that one off of the roof.” or “Your neighbor will be grateful if you take out that branch.”   As I neared impatience, I finally asked him again for the price.  After he provided it, I let him know I was considering it but would like to pay a little less.  As he hesitated to respond, I apparently had a wave of conscious overtake me.  I simply asked him, “Are you a God-fearing man?”  When he said “yes”, I told him to go ahead.

Was it the best trim my little trees have had?  Probably not.  Was I really impressed with his sales skill and his incredible knowledge of trees?  Not really.  I guess I was just pulling myself out of the equation and having his Christian confession be the decider….sorta.  Should he have said “yes” just to get the business, then maybe there is the chance he will feel a twinge of guilt.  I have used trade people in the past who claimed they were Christian on their website or yellow pages ad.  The work product did not give evidence of their commitment to fully using their God-given abilities.

If he said “no”, I still might have let him do the work.  I think I liked the quickness of his answer rather than the specific answer he gave.  Whether his answer was truthful or not, the rest of his basketball team heard his answer as well as I.  He is either a committed liar OR he was speaking from strong conviction. His team knows and a God who is much more discerning and knowing then I will hold his conscious accountable to the answer he provided me…..I am trusting Him to do so.


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