I seem to be in slow motion today.  I ate my breakfast.  I attended church, and I even got a haircut.  But, underneath it all, I just seem to have an underlying moping feeling.  I think it is today’s tragedy.  Should we mourn their loss?  Yes.  Should we pray for the families?  Yes.  As an evangelical Christian, my prayers may not follow the same path as those who are secular Christians.   I believe God weeps at times like this as well.  He has a plan B….but he only developed plan B because human kind failed to abide by the conditions of plan A.

When people who are American die (regardless of what sexuality they may claim), we should be angry.  When red-blooded Americans see senseless murders, they want to be the ones who have concealed carry licenses to try and help stop these things.  When blue-blooded American see these type of tragedies, they want to blame the guns and make it more difficult to be a gun owner.  The important thing is both sides of the political aisle are going to demand action.

When I look at the situation, I think of what might have motivated this individual to want to commit this tragedy.  If he witnessed a gay couple kissing and was driven to this (I read this this morning), then he obviously overreacted.  But, if he is someone who follows the Muslim faith and claims the kiss was the catalyst, then maybe this type of possibility should force us to screen for radical Muslims when guns are sold.  This is not denying them their right as citizens to buy guns.  But, maybe we should be more willing to use words that have been banished from our vernacular, like Islamic terrorist.  It is clear they are in our country and willing to die to execute their plans.

Taking away the rights of the innocent is not the way to protect this country.  Taking away the rights of the those who have chosen to consider Anti-American activities needs to get more focus.  If Washington DC was a place that made sense, then we would look for solutions that inconvenienced the fewest number of people possible.  We would attempt to resolve the issue without adding additional hurdles to further complicating a small businessman wanted to make an honest living.

While I know this issue has two sides, I find the need to further limit gun rights as an issue the will end badly because the media and the loudest mouths in the room will keep blinders on.  They don’t care about the truth. They care about the concentration of power.  As Christians and as Americans who honor the Constitution, we need to make a decision–how are we going to vote and how are we going to mute the noise of the those who make decisions based on the minority being served rather than the majority?  And, maybe sprinkle into that question a bit of, “What is their motivation?”

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