Cusp of Indecision

I noticed the video on my Facebook page and other places today.  I watched most of it.  I agreed with the part about voting and its importance.  I agree with it being YOUR decision.  I agree with the role of those who are influential inviting others into the process.  After this point was made, my disagreement began.

When those who are rich and famous (not everyone in the video was famous or rich, but the implication was these people care deeply and are smarter than you) want you to do something, you should do it.  They believe you should not do your own research or make decisions based on your socio-economic status.  You should do what they say.  Whoever wins the elections won’t make these people less famous, but maybe a little less rich.  Whoever wins the election is very important to them because they are willing to draw pictures or use their acting ability to fill their voice with heart-tugging emotion.  If they are willing to call somebody a “racist”, you should accept their accusations on its face.  Their failure to critique the other candidate as a liar or a “Washington insider” or any of the other labels that could be assigned to the women running for the highest office in the land is not important.  What is important is they REALLY, REALLY want you to NOT vote for one of the candidates.

While I applaud the  use of celebrity to get people to do what they are obligated to do as American citizens, I am offended when this same status seems to give celebrities license to tell people who to vote for.  The candidates are not making it easy on us.  While I have given money politically in the past, this year all such calls (thanks, caller ID) are ignored.  As debates approach, I would not watch to have my opinion swayed.  I would only watch to see if my candidate delivers a blow or if either of the candidates delivers a self-inflicted wound.  I plan on voting early and taking a clothes pin to the voting booth.  The clothes pin when firmly affixed to my nose will allow me to throw the lever one direction.  To throw the lever the other direction, I would need to be in negotiations with the devil.  I would need to be willing to sell my soul (can you sell a fractional part of your soul?  Of course not.  You can’t serve 2 masters.)  Frankly, I have no idea what I would even consider selling my soul for.  Since “soul-selling” implies an eternal contract, the deal is off.  I am going with the clothes pin or nose plugs.

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