No Time For Maybe

School morning can sometimes be a rather challenging time…unless you don’t care about being on some type of schedule.

During a recent school commute this spring, we were not showing our best time management skills.  The call of “The bus is leaving in 2 minutes” didn’t awaken the desire of my passengers to maximize their remaining 120 seconds.  (As in most households, the time threat is largely that–just a threat.  But, you have to do a crazy thing occasionally to make the threat valid.  When the “bus” was responsible for dropping all 4 of the kids off, I left the one son in the house and backed out of the garage.  I continued backing so that the car was far enough down the street so that a quick glance out of the garage would make the pulse accelerate to the necessary speed commonly known as “fear” or “He wouldn’t leave me, would he?”)  As I made it clear the driver’s seat of the van was my next destination, I reminded those who cared the seconds was fewer than my previous announcement.  The scurrying that followed confirmed my words were actually spoken outside of my head and not just thought.

After the passengers were loaded and the car was backed out beyond the driveway, we were able to nearly shift into auto-pilot.  The auto-pilot was interrupted by a possible plea from the back seat, “I think I forgot something.”

Not being one to draw out a situation, I hoped my, “No time for maybe. If you forgot something, say so” would quickly help the requester determine whether it was a real or a fake something.  And, we may have turned around OR we may have decided the something was of less than a significant nature.

Unfortunately, the time has passed and the something may have been at home or just hidden in her book bag.  My only point in writing this was to highlight the need for decisiveness in the morning routine.  Of course, would I have failed to make a note shortly thereafter, the whole incident would have been lost.  Or, as I have had to do in the past, I take my pithy, witty remark and contrive a story around it.  I can definitely say with absolute certainty, this story is one or the other.



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