Todays Walk 1.007

When:  MId-afternoon Friday
Weather: Low 60’s! Very pleasant out.  Grayson just went thru the east, and we have this!!

  • Green Fluorescent Shirt:  As I started my walk, I passed a guy on a bicycle.  He had a bright green t-shirt on.  I also had a fluorescent shirt on but my shirt was UNDER a sweatshirt.  I toyed with foregoing the greeting and uttering “Twinzie” or “Small world”.  He was not very social so I got to just have my thoughts as company.
  • Really Slow Bike:  Remarkably, there was more fluorescent on the path today.  It was an older man in a green jacket.  He biked just slightly quicker than a walk.  It appeared the bike was in the lowest possible gear.  He was barely able to pass me.  Then he stopped for a drink, and I passed him.  He had to pass me again.  Still an unbelievably slow speed for a bike, but as long as he didn’t fall over, it is good for him.
  • Pass Guy Who Appreciated The Warning:  I had my walk kicking into high gear when I came upon an older man who was a few yards ahead of me.  I gave him an “on your left warning” while a few steps behind.  He expressed appreciation.  He left me know a young runner snuck up on him with no warning the other day.  I sympathized.  Sometimes when I am in deep thought, I am completely surprised by a rapidly approaching bicycle or runner.  I think he could be a good person to talk with when walking IF he could only walk a little faster.
  • Doggy Entourage:  Within the first mile of my walk, there are a number of dogs.  Today’s entourage was a mix of friendly and formidable.  Along a long stretch of chain link fence, there are two dogs.  One of the dogs was racing along the fence barking at me–I was on the other side of the fence.  The other friendly dog just wanted to be social.  He followed the rowdy one without uttering a bark.  Eventually, his nonchalance to the chase carried over to my barking friend.  It was arrogant of me to think my popularity would continue the length of their driveway.

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