Todays Walk 1.008

When:  I didn’t really walk.  Explanation to follow.
Weather: Low 60’s! Very pleasant out.

  • Walking Sabbatical:  It is a little early in my journey to have to pull out this cheap ploy. If I am not mistaken, I mentioned I was feeling a little sick recently.  The little became a lot.  And, when compounded with some Nyquil well past its expiration date, I didn’t have a restful night.  (The Nyquil smiled on me for about 3 hours.  Then, it decided my only option was to toss and turn for the rest of the night.  Fortunately, I received a full night of nasal drainage protection.  The rest of the Nyquil chemicals deteriorated into something more spiteful than I remember.)  My body was prepared to speak the comfortable mantra of a walk.  My wife, in one of her rare moves of discouraging me, encouraged me strongly NOT to walk.  If I could not walk, then I could not justify the leaf rake making any new friends in my front yard.  Today, I sacrificed achieving my list for reassuring my body I wanted it to be healthy.  Since it is the weekend, I will have one more day tomorrow to convince my body I am committed to his health.

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