Todays Walk 1.009

When:  I didn’t really walk.  Explanation to follow.
Weather: 50’s, Cloudy, Rain is supposed to be on the way

  • Today was another walkless day.  It makes me look like a liar mouth.  I call it my daily walk, and yet I don’t walk.  As i threw this project together at the end of last year, I thought, “What will I do if I am sick or traveling or for some reason can’t walk?”  As you may have already guessed, I am well within my rights to take a figurative view of a “walk”.  And, this is what I am doing.
  • Still sick: I won’t bore you with the extra nap or the extra liquids.  A cold may not be drowned-able, yet it does seem to be temporarily appeased when excessive liquid is introduced into a virus-ridden system.  It did seem like I walked/sat around the house with a constant dropping of tissues in my wake.  As the day has progressed, my mind feels closer to its usual sharpness.  My wife was not pleased to hear this.  When I am sick, I am a better husband.  I gratefully accept all of the help she offers me.  I don’t resort to a sassy or slightly exaggerated comment.  I am “me” with the insecurity removed.  When sick, I realize my flaws and don’t  try and defend my often flimsy positions.  (Maybe not always flimsy.  Maybe I am just more tolerant of other positions when sick…)

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