Todays Walk 1.010

When:  After work; mid-afternoon.
Weather: High 50’s, Mosty sunny with blue skies

  • Repealing the Sabbatical:  When I woke up this morning, it seemed like the cold was gone.  The day substantiated it.  A couple peeks out of the window during work, and I started to get excited to do a real walk again.  When I left on the walk, I was practically bouncing.  My stride was extra long.  Should I have encountered any fellow walkers, I am confident they would have realized I had some “extra” something today.  After being sick, it really makes you appreciate your health.  I don’t plan on taking it for granted for at least another couple of days. 😉
  • Lock Licked bicyclist:  All the bicyclist today seemed unaware of the recommendation to utter an “on your left”.  I was so happy to be walking, I didn’t feel the need to go out of the way and remind them.  The last guy was willing to wave.  He was wearing a surgical mask.  Was he sick now or was he afraid of getting sick?
  • Saw my first live armadillo:  I have seen a few dead armadillos along the side of the road, but I have never seen one live.  I have seen a few times when it looked like a creature was nosing in our flower beds–we assumed it was an armadillo looking for grubs.  Today, a naked tree was having its roots tickled by the armadillo.  I never saw his face because it was buried in the ground the whole time.  The base area of the tree was pocked with lots of grub prospecting.  The last glance I had of the creature was the top half of his body buried in a hole.  Dirt was flying to his rear.  I am not sure what he found, but apparently, it was a good one!

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