Today’s Walk 1.011

When:  After work; mid-afternoon.
Weather: Mid 50’s, Mosty sunny with blue skies.  Breeze made it feel quite cool

  • Seasoned Bicyclist:  As I walked, I was passed by a couple on a bicycle for two.  This was no mere “couple”.  They were likely in their 70’s.  They were not Quasimodo, but they were not sitting straight up either.  They were wearing their helmets.  They seemed happy to be out and about–I think the lead rider (Mr.) was providing most of the juice to power their ride.
  • Straightening the tracks:  As I passed the train tracks today (my path takes me along the track for nearly 3/4th of a mile), there was a vehicle riding the tracks.  It had an extension a few yards out in front of it.  This track was recently replaced. (This may be retold at some point in the future.)  The extension in front of the vehicle had lasers on it.  It appears this is one of the final steps before the track is “approved” for speedier train travel.  This track is scheduled to be used to provide train transportation to DFW airport.  We don’t live too far from the airport.  It is the airport parking that will kill you.
  • More Armadillo:  The armadillo was still digging today.  He had created holes somewhere in the teens or higher.  Typically, they seem to be night creatures.  I am not sure why he was so intrigued by this particular tree.  Obscure trivia:  What is one of the common ways people get leprosy in the US? Yes, it is from armadillos.

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