Today’s Walk 1.012

When:  After work; mid-afternoon.
Weather: Upper 50’s, The sun arrived late, but it was very welcome

  • Walking App: The Prequel:  Starting back in November, the park that was at the end of my walk was temporarily declared “Closed for Construction” by the city.  I foolishly hopped the early fences.  (The fences were the orange plastic type.  They just challenge you to stretch over them.)  Due to hopping, old age, frequent inclement weather or other circumstances best not described here, I was forced to modify my walking route in mid-November.  When I got back to walking my normal route, the fences were new and improved and idiot-proof. (They must not have approved of my early avoidance of their weaker barricades.)  The old route had been given the “walking app” treatment.  I knew exactly the distance of this particular route.  With construction still keeping my old route captive, curiosity was getting the better of me.  How far exactly was the modified walking route?
  • The Walking App:  This was today’s assignment.  How many miles am I walking every day?  (This would not include sabbatical days, of course.)  As I left the front door, I turned the app on.  At the one mile mark and beyond, I really don’t remember that much of the walk.  Once I was told what the time was on the first mile, the couple miles that followed were an opportunity for me to compete against myself.  Despite the temperatures, I developed a light sweat.  I remember a couple of bikes and a couple of pedestrians. I was so focused on beating my last mile time.  I know I focused on each step launching out in front of me as far as it could–not running steps, but certainly a step that would sneer at most casual walkers.  After all of the self-competition, I found myself back at my front door.  I can now delete the app again and walk in confidently knowing I am walking enough…
  • Armadillo dismissed: The Armadillo aerated the entire root structure of the base of the tree before leaving.  While time and a few inches of rain will again make the ground active to future grub-makers, the acne-like scars will likely survive for a few weeks.

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