Today’s Walk 1.013

When:  After work; mid-afternoon on 1/11/2018
Weather: Rapidly dropping temps, lower 40’s and down,

  • Really Windy: Before starting today’s walk, I had to do a sales job.  The wind was brutal.  While driving home after work, I could feel it blowing the car.  Yet, there is this part of me that insists on doing penance for any snacking I may do.  Walking is relaxing AND penance.  My second guessing was not a solitary pursuit.  However, I seemed to be the only one who acted.  I did not see a single fellow human walking.  The wind was so brutal trees appeared to be moving and animals were blown back onto their rear feet, but no humans.
  • Leaves: Those who have raked up your trees annual shedding, congratulations.  Those of you (This is not about me or my neighbor.  This is just observational as I circulate amongst the neighborhoods on my path.) who choose to rake have done those who dwell on your right or left a great service.  Should you have not raked and be blessed by a windy day, you likely donated a number of leaves to your neighbor’s yard.  If they don’t express their gratitude, it is probably because they feel none.  And, if you want to blame them for their pine trees dropping a little love on your yard, you might find out they are VERY easy to rake up.  If you don’t own a rake, I am sure an “injured” neighbor would be happy to lend you one of theirs.  This was not a story about me and my neighbor.  This is a story given to me by the swirling leaves and the solitary loneliness of my walk…really!
  • Chihuahuas:  The little doggie was barking at me frantically yesterday while being hushed by his owner.  Today, he had just been fed.  He was competing with his fellow lapdogs for the meal.  The owner was still outside.  She waved to me out of friendliness or guilt.  Speaking of guilt, when an owner’s dog (another dog with another owner) bites at your ankles, they may feel guilty enough to run you home when you are caught in front of their house during a thunderstorm.



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