Today’s Walk 1.018

When:  Late afternoon
Weather: Freezing with a stiff wind

It is very difficult to write something based on observations when there is very little to observe.  The cold made me reduce my walk length.  I considered shortening it even more in the middle.  It was bitter cold.  Those who chose NOT to walk are likely far wiser than I.

  • Am I in Russia?:  One person, i work with used to study in Russia.  After going out to his car today, he came back in saying, “It is as cold as Russia out there.”  Never having been to Russia in the winter time, I will have to trust him.  Compared to the normal Texas winter, it could easily be Russia from where I sit huddles with a blankie tonight.
  • Bad weather distraction:  My daughter was called Sunday to babysit Tuesday night.  Since then, we were told by every TV station how bad the weather would be Monday night.  When the weather did not deliver, my daughter’s brain remained frozen regarding her babysitting appointment. When she received a text from her occasional employer looking forward to seeing her in a few minutes, my daughter went into “blur” mode.  We could barely focus on her as she grabbed something quick to eat before hopping into the car.  She made it back home less than 3 hours later.  Her role was to provide coverage as both parents had separate commitments.  She came home pleased with her hourly wage.  She is not allowed to be this old yet!

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