Today’s Walk 1.020

When:  Late afternoon
Weather: Mid-40’s with gray skies

What do you do if you are only passed by one bicyclist and you want to write about your observations?  You embellish or you stretch.  And, if really desperate, you make things up.  It would be unfair to write about my walk with a kernel of truth.  So, I will over-emphasize the mundane.  The weather must enjoy changing mid-afternoon.  As it did earlier in the week, I was smiling looking forward to my walk.  After I got home and got back outside, the weather had turned.  Today’s turn was only cloud cover with tolerable temps.  (I saw the cloud front coming as I was driving home.  It still did not motivate me to get back out quickly enough.)

  • Whataburger:  Besides the biker who crossed the intersection incorrectly, the only thing of note was the Whataburger gift card.  The card was flipped upside down laying on the sidewalk.  The status of the card is unknown.  I will pull it out next time I visit one of these Texas gems.  The random things you find when you frequent a certain path.
  • Work Walk:  My work location is moving from one corner of the present warehouse to the other corner.  It would have been great if the forklifts were able to move our equipment and tables, but they weren’t.  So, my coworkers and I took numerous roundtrips of over half a mile wheeling the various shelves using a pallet jack.  When I wasn’t doing roundtrips, I was loading the shelving onto the pallets.  By the end of the workday, I had logged over 15,000 steps.  After my deliberate post-work walking along my walking path, I had over 22,000 steps.  The next two days including Saturday’s overtime promise more heavy step days while on the clock.

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