Today’s Walk 1.038

When:  Late afternoon, 2/5/2018
Weather: Low 40’s with clouds…LOTS of clouds

  • Sidewalks were bare:  The temperates probably bare some of the blame.  And, the hour I walked can’t be ignored either.  Those who thought about walking and didn’t are likely smarter than me.  Really nothing to see here or there.  The Armadillo was wiser than I or had caught his daily nourishment earlier in the day.  The only wildlife was 3 Longhorns in a pasture on the west side of the path.  Lonely walks are times to be thoughtful.
  • Nemesis Road:  I may have to just quit posting anything related to sidewalk previously under construction.  None of the neighbors with property adjoining the path are issuing further threats.  Today, they would have had a very difficult time connecting me to the pedestrian wearing shorts of a few short days ago.  A jacket and ear muffs smothered any hopes of recognition.  After the first threat and iPhone pictures, I imagined a future where any suspicious characters would be delayed on the path.  Their images would be compared to the paparazzis extensive catalog of likenesses of “lawbreakers” who couldn’t wait the extra day before walking on the “post-construction” path.

This new project at work is not very enjoyable.  They are exploring the upper limits of daily productivity.  As I try to be a team player, I am trying to hard to hit those goals.  Attempting to hit the goals is not bad.  Trying to hit a goal your peers don’t have an interest in makes for a very frustrating day.  So, with nothing to give the desired level of distraction from my thoughts of work, I will likely plan some heavy reading before bed.

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