Today’s Walk 1.039

When:  Distractions, distractions, distractions- 2/6/2018
Weather: Low 40’s with clouds…LOTS of clouds AND precipitation

I came home from work today with clouds and no visible sun.  There was construction on my normal route, so I took a slightly longer way home–more roundabouts and more school zones.  At home, I was greeted by a crew of Hispanic gentlemen working to install a new drainage pipe in the backyard.  Rather, when I got there, they had nearly completed the underground portion of their work.  Before they called their job complete, they ran all of the sprinklers.  They wanted to find out if the changes made to improve the drainage impacted the sprinkler heads.  They fixed a couple, and I talked them into raising a couple of other sprinklers not impacted by their yard grading.

The problem came when they started commenting on all of the heads that were old and in need of replacement.  To get pricing on their suggested upgrades, their supervisor needed to come.  The workers marked out the suggested changes to the present sprinkler system.  After the supervisor reviewed and calculated, he was ready to translate their efforts into a cost for me.  To get to this point, it took over an hour.  The quote allowed me to make a decision without consulting the boss–it was within my signing authority.  All sprinkler/irrigation guys had just left when it started raining.  On the positive side, this allowed me to confirm the new drainage was working.  On the negative side, my walk was at risk of being canceled.  (As the rain continued and my need for a nap came to the forefront, the walk was postponed until the weather was more accommodating–like tomorrow.  I still got almost 3 miles in between work and groceries.)

At the risk of looking generous, I dangled a 2 liter of Coke in front of the workers.  It took close to an hour before they finally had time to drink it.  I also included my special banana bread–neither my daughters or wife deemed it appropriate to take the bread to school/work.  When the same “team” comes back next week to move the sprinklers, I can’t promise my wife will treat them so well.

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