Today’s Walk 1.040

When:  Mid-Afternoon – 2/7/2018
Weather: Low 40’s with sun…

  • Dressing for Walking Success: When it is in the low 40’s, I know how many layers to wear.  I cover my ears and wear gloves.  When the breeze varies and the sun is not fully committed to performing, the layers of clothing may be inadequate.  I was mostly right on the layers.  For quite a stretch, the wind was nonexistent.  Any thoughts I had of enjoying the extra warmth were made impossible by the sound of my swinging arms rubbing against my coat.  When it is 70 or up, I only have to decide on pants or shorts.
  • Soulless:  I  literally saw no people on my walk today. (I did see someone across the drainage ditch, but I passed no one.)  If dogs had souls, the walk could have been salvaged.  Without any type of walkers or bikers, it is very difficult to be inspired.  I started this writing project assuming I would have outside stimulation.  Without any company on the path, I am dependant on utter creativity rather than unique observations.  With my early wakeup and my typical afternoon urge for a nap, it typically takes something beyond the norm to jumpstart the limited mental resources I have available.

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