Today’s Walk 1.041

When:  Mid-Afternoon – 2/8/2018
Weather: High 50’s to Low 60’s–excellent day to walk

  • My first observation was not related to my walk.  As I was driving to work at 5:30, I saw the same guy walking his two little dogs for two days in a row.  Never having been a dog owner in a traditional neighborhood, I didn’t realize dogs enjoyed walking in the dark–let alone doing their business in the dark.  They were bundled as well as their owner.  (It was even freezing in Texas today at 5:30.)  It is moments like this when my ears become nearly deaf to my daughter’s suggestions of getting a dog.
  • Chain leashing:  Usually when I see someone walking two dogs, they are holding on to 2 leashes.  Today, two golden retrievers were being walked a different way.  The owner was holding one leash.  It was attached to the dog closest to him.  The second dog was a little farther out.  He (Yes, I know the dog could have been a she) was farther out from the owner.  His leash was attached to the leash or in some other way to the “first” dog.  They were well-behaved dogs, so it was not a problem.  Shortly after passing the leashed dogs, I passed the “crazy dogs”.  They love barking at humans, but if you have a dog you are walking as well, they will push the bark meter to an 11.  Most of the dogs that walk past don’t respond in kind.  It leads me to believe maybe the owners of these dogs are a little lax in their dog ownership responsibilities.

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