Today’s Walk 1.042

When:  Mid-Afternoon Friday – 2/9/2018
Weather: High 60’s–excellent day to walk

I am rather embarrassed to admit I am writing this Sunday morning.  The past two days did get away from me.  As this and the following posting are published, I hope to give an adequate explanation. And, if no one is reading these and I am only writing them to fulfill a New Year’s commitment, then the quality of the explanation will be of lesser importance.  Somedays are so very overwhelming! “Today’s Walk” may ultimately be written about the time I am on my feet on any given day. I hope to push off that possibility until, at the earliest, the second half of the year.  Should I have another weekend like the past couple days, I will have to allow “walk” to be a metaphoric expression of the day that was mine.

  • While the day was great for walking, my observational skills seemed to be resting.  With one exception, nothing of the bicyclists or dog walkers caused me to take special note.  As the walk neared its close, I wandered down the “path to nowhere” I have continued to walk despite it being closed for the park renovation.  As I neared the turn around point, there is a rock bench along the left side of the path.  There was an older gentleman sitting with a couple days of grey beard growth on the bench leaning on his elbows.  He had taken off his outer shirt.  It was laying on the bench next to him.  The upper half of his body was just wearing a white t-shirt.  As I passed, we acknowledged each other.  As the path forced my turn around, my new friend had arisen.  He had put his shirt back on.  It was a shirt he wanted to tuck in.  He turned his posterior my direction and dropped his pants to his knees.  My mind said he was just tucking in his shirt, but the skeptical part of me wondered if a “flasher” was in my midst.  My paranoid mind was proven wrong.  The only “event” of my walk proved to be a non-event.
  • While slightly inaccurate in claiming the title of “walk”, a later walk led to my inability to maintain my “write it the day it happened” goal.  My daughter’s school is small.  While she has athletic talent, she has not previously put much effort into cultivating her basketball skills.  Today was Senior Night.  Without any practice or guidance, my wife and I gathered at my daughter’s side following the boy’s varsity game.  When they started reading a bio on my daughter, we struggled to know where to walk.  Somehow, we found an agreeable path to center court.  Following her being presented with a gift and some flowers, we again looked for clues.  Where were we supposed to “park” while the other seniors were given a similar treatment? Through body language and my wife’s common sense, we ended up on the right side of the court.  Eventually, an “arch” emerged of athletes and parents.  With the exception of some anticlimactic pictures, the “Senior Night” became just another basketball game with pre-game warmups.

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