Today’s Walk 1.063

When:  Friday–During the Afternoon- 3/2/2018
Weather: 70s blue sky and sun

I struggle some days to find things not so mundane to even be included in the walk.  Somedays, I just rope things in from life.  I give them a bullet point, and let you figure out if they could have been walking related.  Sometimes they flavor the thoughts during my walk, so they are tangentially a part of my walk.  But, most days it is trying to find the right addition.  It is the bullet points that tickles my often bored, rarely coherent inner writer.  Your indulgence is appreciated.

  • Voting: Before I walked, I voted. I went to the early voting location right after work. I was surprised how full the parking lot was. I had read stories of how the Democrat base was more energized then the Republican base. In my largely conservative area, this would have indicated a mostly empty parking lot. Maybe the conservatives got past the negative ads (Like me), and decided if they didn’t vote today (Friday), they were going to have to go on Election Day and deal with whatever lines greeted them. I did have to wait for two people to go ahead of me. Compared to the normally VERY short lines, it was good to see many more involved in the voting process. Once I was standing in at the voting booth, it would have been good to see fewer uncontested races. (Speaking of “standing”, the booth I chose had a chair in front of it.  Once I moved it out of the way and typed in my code to the machine, I realized the machine was set lower than the other machines.  Should I have had a chair, it would have been just right.  I had to slouch and bend over to get under the mini-canopy covering the machine.  With the many screens I had to go thru, this was a painful process.)  And, I didn’t know anything about all of the Propositions on the ballot. They were about property tax and transgender bathroom issues. Since there was over 10 of them, they had a wide range of questions for the voters. I can only guess the propositions were related to setting an agenda for the legislature next year. (The Texas legislature meets every other year on alternating odd years.)
  • Hello Darlin’: On the sidewalk that runs parallel with the train tracks, there is a line of fences.. Houses are on the other side of the fences. One of the residents was in his back yard close to the fence. Whether it had something to do with me or something to do with what he had been drinking, he sung out a, “Hey Darlin”. He kept singing some thing else, too. If it was singing for me, I was not interested in listening.  I let him sing out to the dog chorus often found to greet passing pedestrians.
  • More Unfriendly: A couple people had some level of friendliness, and I even joined them most of the time. Most of those I encountered today were great at averting their eyes or focusing on the conversation not with me. The dog walkers were the friendliest ones in the bunch. As I was almost to home, a couple paths came together. A husband and wife were walking in my direction. I chose to take the turn a few yards before encountering them. I had no desire to try and make new friends. I made the turn and didn’t look back.  Having a hat and sunglasses makes the eye aversion much easier.  I hope I find my friendlies again over the weekend!!

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