Today’s Walk 1.068

When:  Wednesday–During the Afternoon- 3/7/2018, also henceforth known as The Day the Cable Died
Weather: Sunny and high-50’s, mid-afternoon

With the combination of the ongoing construction on my sidewalk and my strong need to turn in the cable box before the next bill was automatically debited from my checking account, I cut the walk short. My sense of adventure was not sufficiently peaked today. Also, my efforts to choose the work assignments that provided the greatest number of steps allowed me to dent my walking goals during my work hours.
The Day The Cable Died
This event had been planned for a few weeks. The turn in date for the cable box was a week later than originally planned. (We had a couple of recorded shows we needed to complete before the DVR box was given back.). The woman who took the box at the drop-off center seemed quite surprised when I turned the box in. Truthfully, I felt a little strange about it, too. I knew the HD antenna would get us the local channels and news. (It does look uglier than the regular cable. I have not found the best spot to place it for maximum reception and minimum obnoxiousness.)
With March Madness arriving and a few visitors coming later in the spring, I am sure I will have to defend my decision more than once.  I am exploring other options to allow sports to still visit our screen when necessary.  I will let the “$100 saved monthly” keep me smiling no matter the garbled speech or the limited TV options.  With Hulu among our viewing options, we will find viable choices for the few brief hours the TV is on every day.  (Somedays it is not on at all.) I don’t see my family imploding and becoming a black hole of boredom–how fortunate!!

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