Today’s Walk 1.069

When:  Thursday–During the Afternoon- 3/8/2018
Weather: 70’s, mid-afternoon

Another walk with this guy. (As I type this, my thumbs are figuratively curved back at me. Since I am typing, they obviously can’t really be doing that. But, if I were dictating….).  The rest of my life has a bit of chaos lately.  Kids either not in the house entirely or in the middle of decisions or just “going through stuff.  I understand the kids will “haunt” me the rest of my days. I am okay being in this role.  I wish the walk was better at distractions and less inclined to bring the thoughts I want to escape from to the surface.  For me, drowning myself in music or a podcast is certainly an option. My goal is not to let someone else drowned my thoughts or overlay their opinions on top of mine. The walk is supposed to be a break for the body and the mind.  As in other areas of life, there is always tomorrow.
  • Wanted Man: As the crew left the most recent construction site early today, I was able to slither past the barriers. I saw no evidence they had even been working.  I reflect on my deliberate ignorance of the orange mesh fence a few weeks ago.  Is it my age that makes me believe I am above these petty barriers meant to ensure my safety? Is it how a middle-aged person lives on the edge?  Is this how I live the rest of my life without tiptoeing on the other side of the “moral” line?  I guess I have gone a little deeper than I expected.  Light and fluffy for the rest of the post.
  • Walking redshirts:  Early in today’s walk, I encountered another guy in a bright red shirt I (I chose red as my color du jour today).  Honestly, I think I wore it better than him.  He may have had better posture and a more relaxed stride.  I brought the confident stride and “sleek” physique to the encounter.  As we passed, we exchanged the obligatory hellos conveniently disguised as nondescript grunts.  Us males are so cute! 😉
  • Duck, Duck, Splat:  A male and the female duck had found the ditch along the road a great place to float.  It is doubtful they were calling the ditch home.  Maybe it was a duck hostel us humans were not aware of.  As I neared, they likely felt I was there to collect payment for their ongoing stay.  They immediately fled to the road.  Fearing I might lose any of the duck coinage I hoped to receive, I stepped out into the road to protect them from the ongoing traffic.  They eventually waddled the other direction.  The ducks then ducked under the fence.  My hopes of acquiring a souvenir coin with Daffy on it were temporarily postponed.

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