Today’s Walk 1.070

When:  Friday–During the Afternoon- 3/9/2018
Weather: 70’s, mid-afternoon

I endured another walk without many distractions.  The people of my town need to step up their game.  More likely, I just need to lower my expectations.  I would be foolish to expect the unusual with great regularity.  As eyes and ears are constantly seeking the unique or one-offs, I just may have to accept the retirement of my existing path. It is so familiar and comfortable.  I don’t need to work hard or balance precariously more than once on a narrow isthmus of land.  With so much familiar, the original rises above the crowd.  A new path would inundate my senses with too much data.  I supposed I can just continue with my preferred path.  Maybe the streaker will show up tomorrow…

  • The Unfriendly Epidemic:  With the exception of the guy who was staining his fence and calming his dogs, I don’t recall anyone speaking to me.  I don’t view myself as overly attractive.  I don’t expect to walk past a constant stream of adoring fans.  I get the fact I am not special in the eyes of most.  But, I have two legs.  And, whether you have a bike or running legs or an engaging companion of the human or canine variety, it is just a nice thing to do.  One truck did give me the hand gesture that somewhat resembles a gun made with your hand.  It usually is accepted as a wave.  I had decided to briefly camp in a driveway before crossing the isthmus to the next driveway.  This allowed him to proceed without crossing the center line.  A clear indication I am an old and seasoned walker.
  • Gecko Kite:  As I felt disappointment near the end of my walk for all of the mundane I found, I was able to see a kite.  A dad was trying to engage his kids in the adventure.  The son was trying to keep track of his sister and the kite.  The daughter was doing cartwheels.  She seemed to be disappointed all of the available areas for cartwheels sloped towards the rain overflow ditch.  The gecko kept dancing in the sky. His legs were all attached to the main kite body so they waved invitingly. It made me remember kites in my youth. It is amazing those ugly four-sided kites were able to navigate the winds so well.  I have largely missed the chance to again fly kites with my kids.  I will put that on my list of things to do as a grandpa.

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