Today’s Walk 1.071

When:  Saturday–During the Afternoon- 3/10/2018
Weather: Low 80’s, mid-afternoon

  • In-line Skater Encouragement:  Very early in my walk, I intersected with an in-line skater.  With his focus being on staying balanced, I made no effort to greet him.  As I neared the end of my walk an hour later, I congratulated him on, “Not killing himself.”  I am not sure it was a compliment, but since he heard this early in his skating career, he accepted the comment with gratitude.  Little did I know then, I would see him again on Sunday.
  • Stoic bicyclist: I hate over profiling bikers.  However, when they are all accessorized, they are usually on the less friendly side.  What are these accessories?
    • They have form-fitting clothes.  The shorts/tights come down nearly to the knees.  They are shiny and emblazoned with some logos of high regard to bikers.
    • Of course, they have a helmet.
    • In many cases, they have a little mirror on the front of their helmet so they don’t have to turn around.
    • If their tongue is not hanging out, there is likely some other facial expression to let you know they are in a “zone” and not interested in being bothered by anyone NOT like them.
    • If you hear them behind you and glance behind before they announce themselves (if they were planning on announcing themselves.), they are slightly more inclined to be friendly.  They prefer you only see the back of their bike.  Once you have a face, they are more inclined to honor a higher social system.
  • The Stretcher:  The little path I wander down to get another quarter mile on my walk gets a wide variety of clients.  Today’s client was an older woman with her dog.  The dog was well-behaved.  He had to be.  His master was stretching and bending and doing all sort of things.  It was like she owned the little spur off of the main road.  I did not make a fuss.  We exchanged pleasantries between her deep knee bends.
  • Scalping:  After walking, I took the advice of a local outdoor expert. He said, “Now is the time to scalp your yard.”  This scalping had nothing to do with the old west.  I lowered my mower blade a couple of settings.  Then, I tried to avoid any newly installed sprinkler heads that might have been sticking up a little too high.  I also found the grass straw to be much lighter than real grass clippings.  I would lightly kick the collection bag.  It still felt like it had plenty of room.  This was only because the “scalpings” were so light.  It did end up providing over 3 bags of straw.  And, it did add quite a number of steps to my day’s walk.

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