Today’s Walk 1.072

When:  Sunday–During the Afternoon- 3/11/2018
Weather: 60’s, mid-afternoon

This is not strictly “on my walk”, but it could have been.  Rather than compromise your trust in me, I will let you know the first two were on the way to LATE church Sunday morning.  (This was the day of the “spring spring”.)

  • As we went north to church, the far left was coned off.  There was a steady stream of bikers showing off their physical health.  Then, we came to the hill.  On the other side of the hill, the crowd thinned out considerably.  To customize some old lyrics from an Animals song, “hills have been the ruin of many a poor biker.”  These bikers were not able to take their medicine individually either.  They had to drink the wind and the hill at the same time.  The course was short.  They can watch March Madness all week to recover from the strain they put their bodies through.
  • 1.5 out of 3 ain’t bad:  Before I get accused of stealing more lyrics, I will confess to borrowing from Meatloaf.  My wife and I saw a lady walking her dog, attempting to jog, and talking on the phone.  I think she mostly managed the dog.  She was able to get a jog step in every 2nd or 3rd step.  And, the conversation was competing with the wind as well as her gasping for breath.  She probably thought she was doing fine.  I probably don’t have room to judge.  I could never master patting my head and rubbing my stomach.
  • In-Line Skater, take 2-Today, the skater was a little more confident.  (Not sure how our schedules worked out.  We chose the same time two afternoons in a row.)  He had a small entourage.  They could have been his sisters on bikes.  I am guessing they were friends.  He was still a little wobbly.  To his credit, I did not see him wipe out.  As I came to the completion of my winding path, we passed again. He recognized me and acknowledged me.  I complimented him on his fan club.  Or, maybe I didn’t do that last part…
  • Sunglasses:  The little spur yielded a pair of sunglasses today.  Mine are prescription glasses, and these were not my style.  I am not much for hearts on the earpieces.  I felt a little guilty before picking them up.  Could they have belonged to the stretcher I saw Saturday?  Could they have been lost by a female Bigfoot that haunts our woods and uses them as part of her disguise?  Could they have been left by the Easter Bunny who was trying to protect his pink eyes while out on early deliveries?  Whoever they may have belonged to, they are now temporarily in my wife’s possession.  My wife is a dues-paying member of the “circle of sunglasses” club.  Someone else will have these glasses before I am used to seeing her wear them.

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