Today’s Walk 1.073

When:  Monday–During the Afternoon- 3/12/2018
Weather: Low 60’s, mid-afternoon, light breeze.  Almost needed a jacket.

I thought about it.  I walked on the back patio and checked the thermometer.  It said 62 degrees.  If I ended up regretting not having a jacket, I could always walk faster.  Most people I passed did have a long sleeve shirt or a jacket on.  One of the bicyclists I saw had a winter coat on.  I certainly believe it was overkill.  Since he was so unfriendly, maybe he needed the big jacket to counteract the effects of his cold heart.

  • Hey:  Early in the walk, I intersected with a couple walking the opposite way on the path.  I said my typical, “Hello”.  The guy gave a facial gesture letting me know he was cool.  It resembled a smile.  His companion was not aware of the expression he offered me.  As we neared the full intersection point, she seemed to feel guilt they had not acknowledged me.  She blurted out a, “Hey!”.  While this was a completely appropriate expression, the inflection sounded like she was talking to a girlfriend.  It started loud and then softened up with a friendly smirk at the end.
  • Look more tired:  Shortly after passing the previous couple, I passed a lady and her dog.  She wasn’t chatty, but she did say a, “Hello.”  As we both walked our individual paths, we again intersected on our individual home stretches.  With no prompting at all, “We looked more tired now than when you saw us before.”  I gave her an encouraging response, but I could not disagree.  The dog looked like he was ready for a nap, and she looked like the leash had dug a groove into her wrist.  I can only assume they made it only while collecting a little more tiredness.
  • Neighbors:  So rarely do I see people from our neighborhood I actually know out walking.  I have my neighbors I will talk to in their yard, and then I have my walking acquaintances.  When the two worlds intersect, it is sometimes very difficult to find the proper context.  As I was preparing to intersect with a couple coming in the other direction on the path, I did not know how to respond to the more personal than normal greeting.  I think he sensed it.  He countered with a comment that allowed me to zero in on who I was speaking to.  We finished the conversation.  I made the case for knowing who they were by the time we parted.  In my defense, wearing a hat and sunglasses as well as a couple physical modifications (change in hair color etc.) make it hard to keep track of neighbors over at the end of the street.  As the weather continues to warm, I will try not to limit the profiles I will expect as I continue walking down life’s road.

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