Today’s Walk 1.082

When:  Wednesday–During the Afternoon- 3/21/2018
Weather: Low 70’s, mid-afternoon
Even if I see nothing, a walk can be a success.
  • Some days my body is just physically present on the path. Every part of my mind with the exception of the part that takes care of the muscle/eye stuff is somewhere else. That happened a couple of times this week. Sometimes a thought may dominate the whole walk. It really lets nothing penetrate. This week the pool maintenance man hat I wear was fitting so tightly it cut off all the blood to my brain. I had been trouble-shooting everything I knew could be the problem with the pool pump. I had the pool people come out to fix it. They did the repair, but the whole pool apparatus was not functioning the way it should. When things like this come up, the walking time is a time for problem-solving. If I was at home I would be too distracted to be able to focus only on the problem. The other issue was my ongoing challenge of not being challenged at my job. While I work on solutions to this problem, I still have 40 hrs/week where I am obligated to give my best. The culture and the unwritten rules of my employer make it difficult to be as effective as I would like.
  • As much as I would like my walk to be a wonderful time to try and spy bunny rabbits and interesting people, my mind is not always open to this idea. It chooses to do what it chooses to do. A really interesting fellow pedestrian might break me out of my brain lethargy. If the problem I am trying to solve is a really good one, then I am practically a zombie with one purpose. (I don’t want to eat the flesh of other humans. I want to solve the problem.).

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