Today’s Walk 1.089

When:  Wednesday–Brief after dinner- 3/28/2018
Weather: Wet and 60’s
Today’s walk was of the neighborhood variety. This means shorter and a need on my part to be less particular what happenings I embellish here.
The only really notable occurrence was a lady in the backyard with her dogs. She was wearing a thin plastic grocery bag on her arm. She was walking around the backyard saying numerous times, “Where did you guys poop?” She seemed to favor looking around the edges facing out toward the sidewalk. As I was passing her house, I heard her say, “Oh, there they are.” It seemed those words brought her a great deal of relief. I suppose if she didn’t find them the accelerated growth of the grass in that location in a few weeks would have been an additional clue of where she neglected to look.
When I am heading to work at 5:30 during a weekday morning, there is radio show I normally listen to. Today, as I was driving to work, I was quite surprised when the radio show seemed at least 5 minutes further along than where I would have expected it to be. I double checked the clock in the car to make sure I had not set myself up to be late at work. Everything checked out. As I kept driving and kept listening, I realized the radio show had probably started at least 15 minutes earlier than normal. I was catching the last 10 minutes. As frustrating as this was, I tried to rationalize what may have happened to allow the radio’s time to get off. The only theory I came up with was something to do with power outages due to the recent thunderstorms. The radio stations challenges continued as their 6:00 show started at 5:45. I am not sure what they did to slow down the rest of their schedule of shows (or even what show was cut the day before to get them off schedule), but everything was fine and as expected when I tuned in the next day.

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