Today’s Walk 1.096

When:  Wednesday–Late Afternoon- 4/4/2018
Weather: Mid to Low 60’s.
I began today’s walk wearing one of my most broken-in zip-up sweatshirts.  I was barely a half mile into the walk before the sweatshirt became a modified belt that needed to be continually tightened.  The rest of the walk was the almost daily visit to the common and boring.  Beyond the one lady who was grateful to be passed by a polite walker rather than a bicyclist with an attitude and a minimum allowable speed, I have no recollection of seeing anyone who made me say to Siri, “Take a note…….”.
If my walk can’t better entice me to enjoy it, I will need to go in search of another preferred path.  I realize not every day will provide more topics than I can every possibly expound upon.  I am 96 walks into this adventure.  I knew from the start the precipitation would not fall equally on all days I wear my walking shores.  So, as luck would have it, I have a true story that made me laugh.
When I came home from work yesterday, there was a squirrel on our roof.  He was right above the garage and in front of the window where there is a small landing.  The squirrel was perched there.  As I got out of the car and grabbed my items, he continued to act like he owned the place.  Not being able to stand it any longer, I ran into the garage and grabbed the first thing that could do him damage and not do the house serious damage.  It ended up being an empty, plastic green bottle once used to store some type of dog medicine.  I whipped the bottle up where the squirrel was coveting my house.  It missed him. My new enemy got the message.  He cleared out and scampered up to the roof’s higher elevations where he could either jump onto his “squirrel pole” and slide down a tree trunk OR tree hop until he found friendlier shingles.  I will get him yet!

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