Today’s Walk 1.099

When:  Saturday– Mid-Afternoon- 4/7/2018
Weather: High 30’s to low 40’s, ugly spring day
The cacophony of barks found me twice on today’s walk.  Two things were quite clear after reaching the end of the final barking handoff.  Dogs don’t care who starts the barking.  If it is a big dog or if it is a small dog.  The pleasure is in the barking and the reward of being able to protect the yard where you dig/poop/sleep.  The dogs also don’t seem to care if they can see me.  If their reliance is primarily based on smell or hearing or constipation, the dogs rarely miss my presence.
On a very cold day, a dog still needs to be walked. When that is the case, the walkers have to grab whatever they can to stay warm. As the adult male was coming towards me on the path, I first noticed the two labs he was walking. One of them got a little close, and he gave a request, “Come on, Angel.” Once the dogs were passed, I took a quick glance up at the owner. He had a floppy-eared thing on his head to keep his ears warm. I don’t know if it was something he borrowed from his kids or what was its origin. It certainly is something a cowboy wouldn’t wear. Cowboy hats keep everything within their shadow warm, so real cowboys don’t need them.
Offended Donkeys: There is no set pattern when donkeys will start their braying.  I have not realized a strong pattern as to what makes them start their “ee-ahing”.  The only thing that seems consistent is the peaking of their braying somewhere in the middle and the great sales job they do on how badly they have been offended.
As I pass fellow pedestrians, I will try to catch their eye and give a greeting. (On sunny days, I get to cheat while hiding behind my prescription sunglasses.). With this particular encounter, it was more difficult. As I walked on the path, a couple of teen girls wearing read and bottle-blonde hair were walking towards me on the train tracks. The tracks were about 5 yards to my right and elevated a few feet. As the girls whispered and continued ignoring me, I considered a “hello” or some other method of greeting. (We were all crazy enough to be walking on this cold spring day. Exchanging niceties might help warm us all a bit.). They seemed committed to denying my existence. (I pinched myself and knew for sure I was there.). They kept trudging over the concrete railroad ties daring a train to hit them.

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