Today’s Walk 1.100

When:  Sunday–   4/8/2018, Mid-afternoon
Weather: Somewhere in the 50’s, Springier than yesterday, but not what I ordered
Unless I have skipped a few numbers or duplicated a couple of days, it appears I have made it to 100 days of this, “Today’s Walk” thing.  I haven’t walked every day, but I have walked most days.  I haven’t hit home runs on any of the days, but somewhere within some of the postings, there may have been a couple of singles or more.  The purpose was to become more disciplined about writing.  And, having accomplished that, the details and quality were of lesser importance.  Never being one to be content, I do need to try a little harder and be a little better at integrating true writing skills.  If a person wants to write, I am told they need to get a million words down.  Including this and some unposted items over the past few years, I am making a dent.

Look, Lady

As I came across the little road that is usually of no consequence when walking, a lady had stopped her bike on the other side of the road to take a picture. Being very familiar with this path, I was surprised there was anything of interest to take a picture of. As I neared her, I asked, “What are you taking a picture of?” She quickly replied, “This double arrow sign with a ‘Look’ on it. I haven’t seen one of those before.” The reason for the sign gets back to this nothing road. As the sidewalk comes up on this road, the sidewalk has “STOP, LOOK, LISTEN” painted on it in individual lines. This is on both sides of the sidewalk. When you reach the road, a glance to the left and right reveals near 90 degree turns on both sides. The extra concern by the city to emphasize the need to do something you have learned since being a small child is just to remind us not to be as lazy. I try not to have an entitled attitude. Some walkers must think the path gives them license to proceed without consequence. And, this is what drew this lady’s attention. Being reminded to “look” is almost like being reminded to breathe.
Jogging Momma
In the little bitty spot on the sidewalk where it is only narrow enough to let one person proceed safely, I encountered a mother pushing her stroller while trying to run. I don’t think she was overly committed to either. She stopped in front of me to check a text. She pulled the shade of the stroller back for a few seconds while texting before returning the shade and jogging again. As I came upon her from the opposite direction, she gave no indication I deserved any sidewalk at all. She continued her pace with a “hello”. As she passed, I was walking in the grass to make sure we didn’t collide. One other day, I was walking while a shirtless man was jogging toward me. He also chose not to give up any of his 3/4ths of the sidewalk. The grass served me that day as well. I guess if I were ever to engage in a game of “chicken”, I would be the one who blinked.
Pink frisbee
Not sure if a doggie lost his toy (I didn’t see any teeth marks) or if some child misplaced his Chuckee Cheese souvenir. On the path, I saw a little pink frisbee. It was not worthy of anyone who took frisbee golf seriously. It was a cheap variety that would allow you to throw from one person to another–as long as distance and wind were not involved. The conspiracy theorist in me considered it may have been placed on the path as a lure to some unsuspecting pedestrian. Under the frisbee was a poisonous snake or some type of bioterrorist threat. Or, maybe picking up the frisbee would have caused a small explosive device to be tripped. It was gone the next day. Whatever cost was associated with its removal, it was not mine to bare.
I have seen the stickman a few times. Despite his description, he is 3-dimensional. He wonders the sidewalks of our neighborhood bearing a baseball-like bat in his left hand. As he wanders, he walks on the opposite side of the sidewalk you would expect him to walk. (When walking on a sidewalk, you walk on the right. When walking on a road, you are supposed to face traffic. Thus, you would walk on the left.). I have encountered him on the sidewalk. He has always been cordial. As in the case of the jogger above, I don’t know if his ignorance of “sidewalk norms” is intentional. He might just be waiting for the one walker he bumps into who won’t blink and who gives him a chance to show what he can do with the stick.

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