Today’s Walk 1.101

When:  Monday– Mid-Afternoon- 4/9/2018
Weather: Low 70’s — Spring is back!
So, I reached my 100th post. Now, what do I commit to? Looking at the same couple miles of concrete and pavement for over 3 months is going to get old, isn’t it? The pessimist in me is trying to convince the optimist in me that I have no choice but to give up. I have seen it all. Anything outside of the norm is an anomaly. In the 3 month period, I have exhausted nearly all of the anomalies. I should just give up and commit to writing about something else for the next 100 days. While tempting, I will persevere. I would claim adeptness if it was accurate, but I am so loosely interpreting what my “walk” includes, I can still make it work. I can jam in something about home-life or work-life without breaking the flow. I can maintain the energy this habit has injected into my blog. I can title the blog anything I want. At its core, it is building on the discipline I started at the beginning of the year.
I was achy today. My feet felt like lead. I could barely draw a full breath. I wanted so badly to turn around and just give up on the walk. The sun was so inviting. Its temptation was maintained until I reached the halfway point. From there, plodding along, no matter how slowly, was not really a choice. It was a necessity. I believe my itchy eyes and overall lethargy were allergy related. I couldn’t find specific proof on the internet they were all tied together. The alternative was having some disease that would result in death. The symptoms were known to arrive quickly and without mercy. I decided to wait a day before planning my funeral. The next day I was fine.

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