Today’s Walk 1.102

When:  Tuesday– Mid-Afternoon- 4/10/2018
Weather: Low 70’s
Stretch lady:
This lady is friendly enough, but calling her smiles “warm” would be an exaggeration. She is very tall. Her legs seem to dominate over 1/2 of her body. When I see her walking, she has a good size dog with her. She seems to leash the dog only when she feels the oncoming person might be offended to see him without. If I knew my dog types better, I would know the breed. I could easily believe it is some type of hunting dog. Usually, when we pass, she will give a soft “hello” with a half smile. Today, the conditions were different. The “path to nowhere” (but eventually to the park presently under construction) had her and her dog stopped at the fencing. They couldn’t go any further. Maybe they thought no one walked there. She was at the end of the sidewalk stretching all directions. Helga (She looked German) was doing kicks and squats and all matter of limbering. As I came to the end of the path and prepared to turn around, her greeting was less friendly than normal. She was probably rather embarrassed I found her in what she would have preferred done in private moments.
Building on the German angle, I could see her being an athlete in a pre-unification world. I am now convinced it is a German breed of dog. And, her lack of perceived friendliness may be because of her poor dental health.
Red blooms (red room)
Red blooms are far more appealing than a “red room”. This one house has owners who are either very lucky or who planned the blooming of their front color well. All this week, there are 5 to 6 shades of pinks and reds throughout. It consists of perennials and bushes. It is not just one little corner. The whole front of the house–from the garage on the left to the end of the house on the right is covered with some red/pink shade. The white exterior of the house is just a bonus–it allows the blooms to stand out even more. I hope they get enough pleasure from it. It brings great pleasure to me for the couple seconds I witness it every time I pass by.
More unfriendlies
I have covered this ground before. It seems like I am extrovert who demands everyone be social when they go out in public. Going into a store or restaurant is different than the intimacy of a walk. Often, it is you and just the other person. Failing to recognize a fellow human being when it is just you two seems to be something a hermit would do. His thoughts would be, “I hope everybody has an intestinal bug today. I hope no one is riding their bike or walking.” I go out on a sunny day and think, “I am glad I get to share this beautiful day with someone. It is too bad more people can’t find the time to enjoy this gift we have been given.”
Granted, I have days when I have no interest in talking to people. On these days, I may limit myself to a “hello” or a head nod. The non-hermit days are the days I will allow myself to go beyond the hello. It is the days I risk the comment where the blank stare may result. In my private world, the comment makes sense. But, on the other side of my eyes, they may hear the world entirely differently.

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