Today’s Walk 1.103

When:  Wednesday– Mid-Afternoon- 4/11/2018
Weather: Low 80’s, Very pleasant with a breeze
Semi-regular walkers
As the weather becomes consistently more pleasant, new walkers are working on their consistency. As I came upon a mother and daughter both walking their own dogs, I commented to the mother, “It is good to see you trying to make a habit of being out.” She smiled broadly and thanked me. I guess my extrovert is out today.
Doggy hugs
The “attack” dogs were pretty tame as I came upon them today. Their owner gave me a wave. As I stopped to comment, the dogs took my pause as an aggressive action. They came to the fence and reminded me of what they do best. The owner tried to calm them down. I acknowledged my part in their barking, “I brought it on. No problem.” And, my attempt to be social backfired. I committed to dial the friendly back a little for the remainder of the walk.
Dying Bees
It has been a frequent occurrence lately. Nearly every walk has some variety of bug on the sidewalk. Recently, I have seen more bees. I could say they are honey bees, but I don’t know for sure. They are on their backs with their feet up in the air. It is like they have forgotten which way is up. They are still squirming. I don’t have the heart to take them out of their misery.
Along the same lines, I saw two people in beekeeping garb near the fracking site close to the house. They were wearing white light-weight garments over their whole body. They had gloves and full headgear. Their neck was completely covered with a fine mesh in the front of their faces that would allow them to still see. I couldn’t hear what their instructions were. Using the full strength of my deductive reasoning, I was guessing some bees had made a home in some portion of the fracking area. Whether it was near the tanks or within any of the building structures, my deductive powers are limited. The beekeepers were definitely suited up and ready to get down to bees-ness.
Three things at once
I have seen a person do three things at once much more poorly. This lady was jogging. More specifically, she was doing something faster than walking. She was also talking on her phone while holding it in her hand. She found time to provide me an unexpected, “Hello” as she went past.
Three generations
I came upon these 3 in the wide part of the path. Mom and the dog were on my far left. The daughter was in the middle. Grandma was spreading herself out fully into my lane. Once grandma noticed me, she did slowly make her way somewhere near the middle. She had her hair short and in curls from the beauty shop on top of her head. She seemed over-layered for my comfort–but, her attire had nothing to do with my comfort. As we intersected, I believe mom and grandma gave me a, “hello”. I don’t believe grandma smiled at all. Maybe if I knew her better, I would realize her demeanor was screaming, “I am happy to see you.”

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