Today’s Walk 1.104

When:  Thursday– Mid-Afternoon- 4/12/2018
Weather: Low 80’s
On this day, there was really nothing to see.  The unflattering woman by the pool certainly doesn’t count.  On the sidewalk, the 2 bikes and the dog walker were some of the least exciting I have seen.  The railroad workers were the only visible humans tied to anything of interest.
With all of the construction along the sidewalk running parallel to the train tracks, it was inevitable it would be leading to something.  Now, there are a number of signs posted.  Each of these signs is warning us to NOT approach the train tracks.  Trains will be running more frequently as the track is being tested for the route to the airport.  The signs put a special emphasis on the trains will be running more quietly.  We should not be as cavalier as we once were when crossing the tracks.  Since I have always preferred sidewalks, I don’t see this “modification” impacting me.  Those who find the track a much more enjoyable portal to the world may find themselves rudely greeted one day.

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