Today’s Walk 1.105

When:  Friday– Mid-Afternoon- 4/13/2018
Weather: Low 80’s with ominous skies
After work is my normal time to walk.  With the need to recuperate from my early wake-up time, I barely hesitated.  I changed out of my work clothes and took a nap.  Not long, but effective.
After dinner, I did end up walking the neighborhood with my wife.  While walking north, the bad weather appeared to have past.  When we reached the farthest north point, we turned west.  To our south, the clouds were telling a far different story.  They were grey and foretelling wrong.  The pleasant breeze now became an evil wind enticing the storm to envelop our neighborhood.  When we had to turn south and go directly into the storm, we shortened our path.  We doubted the storm would allow us to arrive home before it started sneering and spitting at us.  Fortunately, our imagination was overly active.  The storm teased but didn’t bite.

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